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Cannabis Health AG is listed on the virtual block exchange (BEX)

Listing on the Block Exchange.

The Block Exchange (BEX) is a private crypto exchange based on the NEM blockchain technology. At the Block Exchange (BEX), customers can use services for the exchange of virtual securities (block shares). The trading platform has been operating since January 2020 and only works online by offering transactions in electronic form and charging fees for them. The stock exchange is subject to a self-regulation. This means that the issuer is responsible for the proper observance of all rights and obligations in his home country and follows an international, business ethical standard for fairness and respect for investors.

The virtual currencies, electronic Ð-CHF / -EUR / -USD, etc., are only traded on the Digital Exchange (DEX) against Bitcoin. Vouchers or vouchers for virtual currencies can be obtained from the official listing partners by bank transfer.

Virtuality is the property of a thing, not to exist in the form in which it appears to exist, but in its essence or effect to resemble a thing in this form. Virtuality means the meant entity that exists in its functionality or effect.

The information does not constitute a public offer to purchase securities.


Share Price: Ð.CHF 9.00
IBIN: CH0459804891B
ISIN: CH0459804891
Symbol: CHAG
Total Shares: 10,000,000
Block Shares: 1,000,000
Share Type: Bearer Share
Currency: Ð.CHF

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Register and trade - how it works

In our tutorial and three short instructions, we will show you step by step how to open an account with Block Exchange (BEX) and Digital Exchange (DEX). After successful registration, you can exchange virtual currencies on the Digital Exchange (DEX) with which you can trade on the Block Exchange (BEX).

Convert shares with Greentec

The listing of Cannabis Health AG on the Block Exchange (BEX) was made possible by our official listing partner Greentec Systems.

Greentec has developed the next generation OTC software that transforms traditional stock trading and thus significantly shapes digital stock trading.

Cannabis Health AG shareholders can have their shares converted by Greentec Systems into block shares, which you can trade on the Block Exchange (BEX). Please log in to your We Can Health customer portal and follow the instructions under “Convert shares”. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Greentec Systems directly.


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