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Herisau (CH), 11/03/2019 – Swiss-North Macedonian joint venture Cannabis Health AG is establishing itself as a major new player on the future markets for cannabis production and the sale of cannabis-based medicinal products. The recent publication of Cannabis Health AG’s share price in the global banking system, with the trend published on vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH‘s websites, fills Director Muzafer Ismaili with optimism for the future:

“Even over the short time they have been trading, our share price has risen significantly. We are convinced that the future of health lies in nature. The potential profit margins for cannabis production worldwide and sales of cannabis-based products are enormous. With many years of experience on the international financial markets, we have all the tools we need to ensure a positive future for the company and continued share price growth.”

You can see the current share price here.